Design and Retrofit

CK Control Temp - Design and Retrofit

CK Control Temp has the skills to build you a brand new climate control system from the ground up. But if your commercial or industrial space already has an established specification for your climate control system, we can design a retrofit system.

Who Could Use a Retrofit Upgrade?

If there are issues with your climate control system that revolve around the lack of comfort, poor efficiency, and operational concerns – and these issues can’t be fixed by adjustments or recalibrations – you could be in the market for a retrofit project.

If your facility experiences any of the following issues, you could benefit from a retrofit upgrade:

  • Your HVAC system is over 10 years old
  • Your energy bills are increasing for seemingly no reason
  • Those who spend time inside your building complain about discomfort
  • The cost of repairs continues to increase
  • There’s an indoor air quality problem

An old HVAC system will not be as efficient and will require more repairs. Eventually, it will need to be retrofitted, repaired, or completely replaced to ensure optimal performance.

Benefits of Retrofit

Getting your commercial HVAC system retrofitted can help solve issues related to poor air flow, fluctuating temperatures, and high humidity.

Here are a few benefits of system retrofit:

  • It saves energy : Many facilities get their systems retrofitted in order to conserve energy, as the new equipment we install can save you up to 40% on monthly energy costs.
  • You don’t pay as much for repairs or hidden costs : If your HVAC system experiences unexpected downtime, it can cost you more than just money lost in sales. It can also cost you customer satisfaction and the productivity of employees. Not to mention that HVAC repairs can get expensive, especially if they are needed frequently.
  • It makes for a more comfortable space : Occupants will enjoy a space that isn’t humid, with more consistent temperatures throughout the facility. Retrofit can also reduce drafts, stale air pockets, and bothersome noise.
  • Lengthens the lifespan of your HVAC system : If you lower the number of run cycles that your HVAC equipment experiences, it reduces the wear and tear on the system, which lengthens its lifespan.

Design and Retrofit

If your facility could benefit from a brand new HVAC system or a retrofit upgrade to your current system, contact CK Control Temp. When it comes to commercial HVAC services, we are the experts.