New Construction

CK Control Temp - New Construction

When you’re building a new facility, whether it be a plant, office, complex, or something completely different, your HVAC system should be a priority. In order to make sure that you’re at peak energy efficiency and performance, your heating, cooling, and air flow must be optimized.

From the ground up, CK Control Temp has the expertise to work with you. Whether the scale is large or small, we can handle any commercial or industrial job, installing systems that are not only innovative, but practical. We work with industries such as data centers, telecommunications, biotechnology, academic campuses and much more. Because of our extensive expertise, we are able to tailor an HVAC system to the unique requirements of your company.

Our technicians don’t just think of your needs right now, they also think of your needs in the long run. The system that we install forms the foundation for future comfort needs, so growth and expansion for your company are always being considered.

The Process

In order to maintain comfort and energy efficiency in your facility, your new HVAC system and ductwork must be properly designed. There are many ways to design an HVAC system, but our technicians take into account your unique facility and configure the best-fitting method to install a system into your new building.

We understand that heating and cooling is an integral part of the comfort and productivity of your facility, and that is just as important to us as it is to you.

Our process of installation looks something like this:

  • Design : Every facility is different, and there are many ways to install and design an HVAC system. The design depends on where the pipes run, how the building is set up, among other important design factors. We take all of these into consideration to design a system that meets your exact needs.
  • Ductwork : Before moving forward with plumbing or electrical work that could potentially interfere with the installation process, the ductwork is installed. It’s easy for electricians and plumbers to work around ductwork.
  • Equipment : Once we implement the steps above, the various HVAC equipment is then installed.
  • Starting It Up : After the construction of your new facility is complete, our service technicians will perform a start-up of the system to assure all is operating at peek performance.

HVAC and New Construction

A quality HVAC system is one of the most important components of a functioning facility. If your new construction project breaks ground soon and you need an HVAC system professionally installed, contact us at CK Control Temp.